Lost Pages debut single will provide hope when “Life Has Questions”

I’m always looking for a positive melody to hum no matter what questions or problems occur in life. Sometimes it can be hard because my heart definitely beats to a different drum but still I march on because I can’t be anything but true to myself, and I have no apologies for that.

In a similar manner, Lost Pages is a new artist I happened upon from Utah. He’s a one-man band and writes and performs all original songs. He recently released his first single with Renegade Records, a record label that also makes no apologies, out of Australia.

Song Review

“Life Has Questions”, the artist uses a strong vocal performance and electric guitar to inspire the listener. His vocal tone throughout the track reminds me of the lead singer of Switchfoot or the musicality of the overall song reminds me of The Calling. The song boasts a relatable theme for all who listen to it: despite your doubts, God always has a purpose.

Ask & Receive

I’m sure there’s a purpose

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You can win a free T-Shirt from today until July 31st. Just tweet Renegade Records a screenshot of the shirt and follow Lost Pages and Renegades Records and you will be entered to win!