The Father Effect by John Finch will leave a mark on you and how you relate to dads everywhere

pablo114Maybe you don’t have a dad or never knew your birth father. Or maybe you had a father who created a distance between you and him because he chose work over you, the bottle over you, or strip clubs over you. No matter what may have gone on and what the relationship between you and your father is like, most people male or female have a father wound that not only deserves healing but needs a healing.


That’s where this book is something you must read if you truly are seeking a healing for your father wound. It will show you the perspective of a man who suffered with a father wound due to a tragically early absence, and it caused him to not even realize he was also neglecting his own three daughters.


Once he came to terms with his own father wound, he was able to properly love his family the way God intended. After all, our heavenly father is the model of the way fathers must love and lead their family.


No matter your own story, you will find pieces of it in John Finch’s own personal narrative and you will most likely shed a few tears along the way but ultimately, this book will hopefully lead you to find the overall healing we all not only deserve but so very desperately need.


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#BookReview: B.S. Incorporated by Jennifer Rock and Michael Voss

Maybe you’ve never worn a suit on the job. Or even spent eight hours in stilettos. Yet, most Americans at one time or another have worked the zombie-like 9-5 grind. Yet, if the only experience you have with corporate America is when you binge watched the entire series The Office on Netflix, this book is something you ought to add to your TBR list.pablo (58).png

Will Evans is B.S. Inc’s version of Jim Harper. He literally started from the bottom and now he’s here speaking corporate lingo and getting massages on company time. Enter Anna Reed, picture Pam Beesly with red heels that give her height that puts her eye to eye with her male counterparts, yet much more merciless and less soft-spoken than Pam.

pablo (59).png

Basically they are a match made in Corporate Heaven. (God, I hope that version of heaven does not exist).

pablo (60)

I was instantly receiving on the job training in terms of the inner workings and the 9-5 realities that make up Corporate America. Considering this is my only form of employment at this time, I am interested to know if I could get a job with B.S.I. by the end of the book.

pablo (61).png

Will Will and Anna end up being a winning team or a losing venture?

pablo (62)

Will B.S. Incorporated have to claim bankruptcy or is it going to be rewired and reworked like a modern day business proposal?

pablo (63).png

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#BookReview: Family First by D.D. Bridges is a MUST READ!

I’m not sure I’ve ever sat down and read urban fiction but I’m glad I never let labels stop me as a reader, a writer, or a human being. I am very open-minded and was approached by the publisher to read this book for a review about a year ago, and I never thought anything of it. I just said yes but wasn’t prepared for the intensity that this book contained.

To hear my review, please check out this video review but I cannot recommend this book enough and I’m definitely going to buy a copy and you should too!


#BookReview: Like an earworm that’s stuck in your head; #ChasingEveline by @lhauser27 sticks with you

pablo (15).png

Fangirling about being a Fangirl of Chasing Eveline

This book is much like an earworm that gets stuck in your head and sticks with you long after you are no longer reading it. Every song has a possibility, and this book is by far, one of THE BEST, I’ve read in a while. It keeps you hooked and invested from the first line until the last and I will now list it as one of my favorite books of all time.pablo (16).png

#BookReview: The Promise of Life by Danielle Bane

To watch The Smart Cookie chat about this book, view the video review now

There was a sense of urgency throughout the entire book. I had trouble focusing at times because the story was all-over the place. I liked the message that God’s plans always are better and go beyond anything we dream, think, or imagine.

#BookReview: A Magical Journey To The Magician’s Workshop

The Chronicles of Narnia was a powerful standard for allegorical fantasy. Some believe even Harry Potter holds Christian symbolism but two novels I’ve recently had the pleasure of reading( or should I say devouring) were The Magician’s Workshop Vol. 1 &2.

They are written by Christopher Hansen and J.R. Fehr, co-authors of this incredible prospective trilogy, from Wandertale Press. It’s YA Fantasy and is colorful, enchanting, and so mega!

I will review each book as it’s own stand-alone work instead of as a set.


The book follows seven main characters as they find out who on the island will be revealed to have a color which makes them a contender for the prestigious Magician’s Workshop, where they will train with some of the Island’s greatest mages and magicians, and be known as some of the great predecessors.

I loved how well-written, compelling, and complex each of the characters were as well as the overall story and setting of the book. It’s a coming of age story that anyone can find positive messages hidden between the lines in, no matter what age the reader may be.

pablo (5).png

pablo (6).pngpablo (7)



The story continues as it opens with the Color Ceremony revealing the fate of the island’s young mages. More relatable storylines and emotive character flaws are found in the sequel but both books take you on a compelling and adventurous journey that gives light to the notion that anything really is possible if you can imagine it.

pablo (8).png

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I certainly can’t wait to find out when it’s out so I can find out what happens next!

#BookReview: The Bucket List by @Emiisotherside

For me, a young adult novel has to have a romantic story line for me to get into it, and stick with it. This story is from a French writer who is only 21 years old and this is her second YA novel. Her first novel, I Was A Bitch, was an Amazon best-seller.

I personally felt the story was cute and reminded me of a YA book version of Me Before You. The characters were relatable and I loved that they were best friends and in love but the story to me lacked pull. There was no invisible string pulling me along and I skimmed some of the chapters just because there was conflict missing.

Sure, the main guy character Damon is dying but I felt like there needed to be more hiccups along the way in terms of him completing his Bucket List.

My favorite part of the whole story was the letter Damon leaves for Leah after he passes away. It was full of real, genuine emotion, quotes, and humor. And it made me feel a little sad that he didn’t get to live that long.

Yet, I did enjoy the overall theme of the story and book: life is short so make it count.

School Doesn’t Teach You Everything. It’s time to RESET YOUR WORLD!

#BookReview: Simply Biographies both short and sweet

Each Biography is less than a 100 pages and is written by a different author. It runs under the Great Lives series put together by Simply Charly. On this site, you can find not only the books included in the series but a ton of products featuring those written about in the books such as Dickens or Faulkner. I chose these two books to feature because they were both about GREAT writers.


This book taught me a lot about Charles Dickens that I wasn’t aware of. He suffered a lot of tragedy throughout his life.

Did you know?

  • A lot of his characters were based off family or kin such as Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol was based off his son Henry.
  • He was the first author recorded to do public readings.

With a short overview of Dickens life and career, this account focuses on the roots of his writing through the lens of personal experience. We also see how much passion Dickens has for the theater, public readings and social activism.


I was only slightly aware of Faulkner because of The Sound and The Fury that high school English teachers oggle over but I really wasn’t too aware of Faulkner’s background.

Did you know?

  • Faulkner married the only girl he was ever taken with.
  • Faulkner was conceived as a Southern racist during his lifetime.
  • William had an extramarital affair with script girl Meta Carpenter who he met while writing scripts for MGM studios in association with Disney.
  • He was hospitalized every three months due to alcoholism throughout the 1950s.
  • He won the Nobel Peace Prize for Literature in 1949, which allowed for him to never again struggle with money troubles.

Overall, I wouldn’t name these as the best books I’ve ever read but they are worthy biographical short reads that you definitely should check out to learn more about some of the GREATEST people human history has ever known.

#BookReview: How Jesus Saves The World From Us by Morgan Guyton


As I started to read this book, I was five pages in when I found it on Goodreads and read the reviews there. Many people did not sit well with this book. I was gearing up to toss it in the trash on my tablet when I really started to identify with the ideas Guyton was discussing.

It was a gripping read that opened my eyes to some truths while still allowed for objective perspective in regards of what Guyton believes versus what I believe.

Overall, I believe anyone looking to keep your focus on Jesus and emulate him in life should read it because it will give poetic thought to some of the beliefs that are part of the Christian faith.

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